Bicycle maintenance classes

We like to say we build bicyclists, not just bicycles. That is why a key part of our business is teaching bicycle maintenance. We offer three classes and are experienced in training riders of all levels, from complete beginners to advanced.  Each class provides a mixture of lecture and hands-on work and demonstration. We provide all tools and spare parts required. Both the Basic Bicycle Maintenance and the Technician Training classes are taught in a “team learning” style where students work with a partner to increase comprehension of the curriculum.

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1. Basic Bicycle Maintenance (2.5 hrs. x 1 day = 2.5 hrs. total)

Registration Fee $25 + Tuition $95 = $120 Total

Our Basic Bicycle Maintenance course will make you a self-sufficient cyclist, enabling you to perform most of the common procedures carried out on a day to day basis. The information presented is applicable to all types of bicycles and it is also a great introductory class for anyone who would like a more thorough foundation before taking our Technician Training class.  This course is also excellent for anyone who would like to maintain their bicycle in-house rather than always rely on a local bike shop. Students are provided the tools and supplies necessary for the exercises. See our calendar for updated schedules.


  • Anatomy of the bicycle

  • Bike Fit and Position

  • Brake System Adjustment and Maintenance

  • Cable and Housing Replacement and Maintenance

  • Derailleur System Adjustment and Maintenance

  • Emergency Roadside Repair

  • Flat Repair, Tire and Tube Design

  • Stem and Handlebars

  • Wheel Truing

2. Technician Training Courses (2.5 hrs. x 8 days = 20 hrs. total)

Registration Fee $95 + Tuition $400 = $495 Total

These courses are comprehensive professional level courses for students with limited or no bike shop experience. The goal of the classes are to prepare students to learn enough about professional bicycle mechanics to work on their own bicycles in a professional manner. We emphasize a great deal of hands-on experience during both a component-by-component study of bicycle repair, as well as a study of the bicycle as a complete unit. The information presented is applicable to all types of bicycles. 

Students take away the entire eight chapter training manual, a small tool kit and one of our custom shop rags with our logo printed on them. Each chapter includes lecture, with hands-on exercises. Again, students are provided the tools and supplies necessary for the exercises. See our calendar for updated schedules.


  • Measuring Tools, Torque and Repair Stands

  • Frame Materials

  • Wheels- Rims, Spokes, Hubs, Axles, and Bearings

  • Cockpit- Handlebars, Stems, Headsets, and Rigid Forks

  • Drivetrain Systems- Pedals, Cranksets, Bottom Brackets, Chains, and Derailleur Systems

  • Brake Systems- Hub, Disc, and Rim

  • Bike Fit and New Bicycle Assembly

  • Writing Repairs and Shop Operation

3. Wheel Building (2.5 hrs. x 3 days = 7.5 hrs. total)


Registration Fee $195 + Tuition $450 = $645 Total

This course is designed but not limited to experienced mechanics or who have had some prior wheel building experience or those students who have taken our Technician Training course. We cover advanced topics of wheel building, including lacing patterns. Our goal is to lead you on the path to becoming a master wheel builder. Students choose from an extensive list of high-quality wheel sets to build and keep. NO substitutions can be made. However, please ask about options as components availability will often change and we will do our best to update ASAP. See updated Wheel Options HERE

See our calendar for updated schedules.

Topics covered:

  • Hub, Spoke & Rim Selection

  • Spoke Length Calculation

  • Lacing Patterns

  • Wheel Design

  • Customizing

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