Bicycle maintenance Workshops

A key part of our business is teaching bicycle maintenance. We are experienced in training riders of all levels and ages, from complete beginners to advanced urban commuters, plus we can tailor courses for groups or individual lessons. 

Classes can be customized from start to finish, at any level, and provide a mixture of hands-on work and demonstration. We provide all tools and spare parts required and students bring their own bike to work on. 

Here are some examples of courses taught in the past:

Flat Stat Class

Learn how to fix or patch a flat tire and which tools you need to get it done.

Don't Get Stranded

Learn how to fix a flat tube and use a multi tool to make on the go adjustments to keep you rolling.

Bicycle Technician Training Course

Are you interested in becoming a professional bicycle technician? Are you already a technician, but want to improve your knowledge and skills? 

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