How it works

Our mobile bike shop will come to your building and service tenants or employees bikes so that they are road ready and safe. Choose from the following options that will best serve your bike room.    

Residential or corporate services

1. Residential Bike Room Management - For tenants

Our mobile bike shop will come to your apartment or condominium and service your tenants bikes. 

2. Corporate BIKE ROOM MANAGEMENT - For Employees

Our mobile bike shop will come to your office building and service your employees bikes. Employees that bike to work are often less sick, have decreased absenteeism and increase productivity. When building owners and their management team adopt “green” principles, practices, and business strategies, they improve tenant morale and wellness. They gain recognition as leaders in their industry, corporate social responsibility and LEED certification points. As a result, “green” buildings get noticed more often because of the effort made to have a positive impact on their surrounding community.  

Owner direct or company sponsored

1. Owner direct Services

A no-cost option for buildings. Tenants or employees pay directly for service and any parts required.

  • A minimum of 5 tenants or employees must book service the same day.
  • Service available for Tune up packages only.

2. Company Sponsored services 

All service is paid by the company. Tenants or employees pay directly for any parts required. Half day and Full day rates are available.

Company sponsored service includes our Complete Tune Up, which includes the following:

  • Our exclusive 50 pt. bicycle assessment.
  • Adjust brakes front and rear.
  • Adjust derailleurs front and rear.
  • True wheels front and rear.
  • Adjust all bearings (headset, bottom bracket, hubs front and rear).
  • Chain and cables lubricated.
  • Light cleaning.
  • Service takes approximately 45 min. per bike

Company Sponsored Rates

Half Day Service (8am - 12pm or 1pm - 5pm).

1 Technician
5 Bicycles

Full Day service (8am - 5pm).

1 Technician
10 Bicycles

2 Technicians
20 Bicycles

3 Technicians
30 Bicycles

Our pop up shop can be set up in any convenient location. Most of our buildings have us set up in or outside the bike room, parking garage, loading dock, lobby, or any other easily accessible spot in the building. 

Contact us or call to book services or for more information.