Working with purpose

We like to build cyclists and not just bicycles at Pedal To The People.  Rather than cram the whole "bike thing" down your throat, we want to offer cycling as a solution, not a problem. Working in an urban environment, we continually notice people's experience of their city being transformed for the better by all the investment that is being put into the promotion of cycling. Our purpose was and still is building a zero emissions mobile bike shop. We want to walk our talk so it becomes clear why we are a completely car-free company. It feels awesome to be a part of this growth by offering a truly sustainable mode of transport.  Our customers trust their bikes to us because it's clear why we are passionate about cycling and encourage it in every way possible.  

We also believe that going “longer, stronger, and faster” will not enhance your experience on a bicycle nor does it mean you have to cave and buy into the latest greatest gear to show off to your social scene.

Our goal is to provide the most personalized, convenient, and affordable bike service experience possible. We want you to call us back because you felt engaged with our service. Being on a bike makes us noticeable in a more inviting way. We're easy to flag down which makes it feel like we're part of the communities around the city. We often recycle the bicycle's parts into sculpture and use bio-friendly cleaners where possible. We pass on spare parts that are of no use to us, and provide educational tools to ethical, community, and recycling ventures.

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