What does “on site” service mean?
“On site” means that we bring the bike shop to you, be that at home, work, the middle of the Lakefront Trail, or the side of the road where you’re stranded.

Where do you work?
Wherever works best for you, in the front yard, on the sidewalk, in your garage, kitchen, living room, back porch, front porch, foyer, hallway, wherever!

Can I bring my bike to your shop?
Of course! You may drop your bike off at either of our locations. Be sure to call ahead in case we are out in the field!

What do you service?
All pedal powered bicycles including: tri, mtb, tricycles, tandems, cargo bikes, folding bikes, recumbents, and kids bikes.

Do you go to the suburbs?
No. However if you are close to our boundaries, we can meet you near the boundary line. 

Do you work after hours?

Do you have a van?
No, we operate solely by pedal power.

Do you give discounts?
Active Trans members, Students, Teachers, Police, Fire, EMTs,West Town Chamber of Commerce members, with valid ID/membership card.

Are your prices competitive?
Absolutely! We have some of the best labor and parts prices in Chicago.

If the weather is bad we will reschedule with you as soon as possible. The safety of our technicians is our #1 priority. We do not go out in: rain, threat of thunderstorms, tornado watch, hail, wind advisory, extreme cold, or extreme heat. We can reserve the right to cancel & reschedule up to 30 minutes before your appointment, as weather can change very suddenly. 

Do you sell bikes?
Yes, we can sell any bike our vendors carry. Brands include Origin8, Surly, All-City and more. If you have a specific brand in mind, call or email us. 773.355.0882/info@pedaltothepeople.com

Do you sell used bikes?
Yes. We often have a few freshly tuned up for spring time. Feel free to contact us about donating your used bikes. Pick ups can be scheduled in advance.  

Do you service adult trikes?

Do you service pedicabs/rickshaws?
Yes, but only licensed and approved rigs. (Must show proof/documentation)

Do you service electric bikes?
We can service the non-electrical parts.

Do you servivce motorized bicycles?
We can work on the non-motorized parts.

Do you service motorcycles?

Do you sell bike parts?
Absolutely, we can get any bike part our vendors carry.

Do you ship bikes?
No, but we can pack a bike for you and have it picked up from our shop. You are responsible for shipping details.

Is your work guaranteed? 
We Guarantee our work for 30 riding days after service. Our Guarantee does not cover accidents, falls, or other outside forces that occur after service is performed. 

Do you provide estimates?
We only provide estimates at either of our 2 locations (Shop Visits). We do not provide estimates during House Calls.